Alphakat GmbH is a German company that focuses on: -Engineering, components production, Research and Development, electric and electronic technologies-Plants and systems featuring the use of an advanced catalyst-Plants that convert any organic material to synthetic diesel with a process copied from the natural process of crude oil production (KDV technology), Alphakat actually is a synonym of “Catalytic Depolymerization” KDV.

Since 2003 Alphakat GmbH invented and patented what today is our main product, known as “KDV technology” based on our catalytic low temperature pressureless process.

The KDV plants use a catalyst with the same structure as what occurs in nature, outputs the same product and with the same environmentally benign process.

The plant executes this process much faster than in nature since the structure of the catalyst is advanced (fine-molecule, ion-exchange and 100% crystallized) and the process takes place in an oil cycle instead of a water cycle, with a turbine rather than in a sediment.

The result is that a conversion that took millions of years in nature happens in just minutes.