“Equilibre has a seasoned management team with skills that cover research, agricultural production and engineering and has proven management expertise in building successful pan-African businesses”.

Laurent de Morelos

Mr. de Morelos has extensive international experience in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Early in his career, Mr. de Morelos was given an opportunity to test his professional skills at Sotheby’s International Realty in Washington, DC, USA. Subsequently in 1990, he joined IMPAC Inc. one of the largest international industrial consultancy audit firm of its kind and, in a consulting capacity, contributed to a significant and duly recognized productivity improvement of energy giant EDF/GDF. Prior to moving to Mauritius in 2011 he spent seventeen years in Dubai, United Arab Emirates., where he was Business Development Director of Micekraftwork LLC, a leading regional and international commercial interiors design and contracting company headquartered in Dubai As International Director of MiceKraftwork LLC, serving the hospitality, retail, aviation, corporate and public government offices, as well as the exhibitions industry, Mr. de Morelos was responsible for business development and project management for regional and international markets.. Mr. de Morelos’s vision was to create a sustainable source of energy for emerging markets and has spent the last 7 years proving the viability of Arundo Donax as a viable future bioenergy alternative, suitable for replacing coal in coal-fired power stations and industrial boilers. Mr de Morelos has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business and Economics from Austin College, Texas, USA. A citizen of France and a permanent resident of Mauritius, has a family with two children, Mr. de Morelos is fluent in English, French and has a working knowledge of German and Spanish.

Paul Edwards
Executive Chairman

Mr. Paul Edwards is Executive Chairman of EQUILIBRE Group. He has extensive experience in building successful businesses in both Africa and Asia. His experience includes; CEO and Chairman of ITC (formerly Dunn & Bradstreet South Africa); CEO of Multichoice, the leading African satellite TV platform; Executive Vice President of Star TV (Hong-Kong); President and COO of Measat Broadcast (Malaysia), CEO of Johnnic; CEO of MTN, Africa’s leading mobile telecom company; Executive Chairman of Chartwell Capital; Executive Chairman and Founder of Emerging markets Payments Limited, Africa and Middle East’s largest electronic payments company. 3 companies that Mr. Edwards has led have become the leading company in their field in Africa and Middle East. He is also a director of NASDAQ-listed NET-1 UEPS, an international electronic payments company. He has a BSc and MBA from the University of Cape Town. 

Vijaye Chuturdharee
Director of Agricultural Development

Vijaye Chuturdharee appointed Director of Agricultural Development for EQUILIBRE Group as from June 2018, previously has had an active long career in the Extension Service of the Farmers Service Corporation (MCIA) since 1988 and later in September 2012 joined the Crop Extension Dept. of the AREU (FAREI). During his service, he was actively involved in the establishment of regrouping projects namely Planters Land Area Management Units and later renamed Field Operation Regrouping and Irrigation Project (FORIP) which integrated mechanized harvest of sugar cane. The main objective of these projects was to improve the economic performance of small planters in the cultivation of sugar cane. In 2018, Mr. Chuturdharee trained extensively to acquire skills in bio-farming cultivation methods under a joint government agricultural collaborative program attended in India. This latest bio-farming methodology is now applied to further improve the agricultural practices with the cultivation of arundo donax allowing a substantial increase of CO2 capture per area cultivated while at the same time restoring marginal lands to its original optimal fertility for future food security farming. Mr. Chuturdharee has been involved in the arundo to bioenergy end-to-end integrated solutions in collaborative partnerships with Equilibre international technical partners for electricity and pellet production. Vijaye has also been intensively engaged in scientific research that has allowed Equilibre to improve the overall properties and energetic qualities of its Arundo hybrid bio-crop biomass. Mr. Chuturdharee has been a project co-Leader in the Mauritius Research Council CRIGS “Arundo Donax Viable Alternative towards National Clean Energy Development (ADVANCED)”.