If you are like us, you firmly believe in turning problems into opportunities. Specifically, we specialise in transforming all types of waste, whether agricultural, forestry, industrial or household waste into a productive resource.

DP CleanTech is focused solely on achieving this outcome and we aspire to do it better than any other company. Our solutions provide what our customers need: flexibility, durability, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

We leverage a powerful combination of the most advanced, proven technology; unrivalled depth of expertise, and a cost effective global manufacturing and supply chain to deliver highly efficient, scalable solutions that are reliable, long term and economically viable. Our proven reference list of over 80 biomass power plants globally highlights our experience and our project execution expertise.

DP CleanTech applies advanced European technology combined with experience, economies of scale, and a global supply chain to deliver highly reliable biomass and waste-to-energy systems at competitive prices.

The African continent is not only home to many of the fastest developing economies, but it is rich in biomass potential. Many African economies are demanding a stable energy supply to support their rapid development, but at the same time are facing significant environmental and resource challenges. Common practices such as field burning; and the growing problem of municipal solid waste are creating an urgent need for energy solutions which can also address such issues. DP’s cost effective distributed biomass energy solutions are among the best methods of delivering a stable, independent, environmentally responsible and profitable energy business.

By offering some of the world’s most advanced, proven technologies and solutions and utilising our ability to leverage a global supply chain to reduce costs, DP is well positioned to continue to develop successful references in Africa. Our international experts are working with local partners to explore and develop a number of ground breaking projects in Ethiopia, S Africa and throughout sub Saharan Africa which will serve to establish an economically viable industry for biomass and waste-to-energy solutions in the region.