Industrial Boilers

Many industries are suffering from poor electricity supply or frequent power outages and this is impacting on their operation bottom line. A considerable growing market exists for captive power plants, individual and dedicated medium sized power plant or small boilers for industries are becoming in high demand as energy costs are on the rise in most countries. In other countries alike Madagascar where the main source of energy is locally produced charcoal, the wood used for the feedstock production raw material is becoming scarcer as indigenous forests are being rapidly depleted and supply is affected. Many industries in Madagascar as well as in many other African countries are totally dependent on their own energy production to run their industrial facilities. Such is, for example, the case with the mining industry that has huge consumption needs for power in remote areas where there is no grid to connect or the grid is unreliable causing much downtime which impacts drastically on their operation costs.

Equilibre has recently entered into contract to begin supplying small industrial boilers for a multi-national beverage group in Mauritius and an industrial packaging material manufacturer in Madagascar. Recent negotiations have also been engaged with several mining industry players.

Small industrial boilers purposely engineered to operate on biomass can have excellent efficiencies to produce electricity, heat or steam using locally grown biomass feedstock such as arundo donax at a competitive cost. Energy cost savings on fuel consumption can reach over 30% when compared with diesel generators of equal energy production output. In addition, fuel supply logistics can become problematic and unreliable in emerging markets where infrastructures and climate conditions are usually precarious. Production of the biomass feedstock within proximity of the industry boiler can provide assurance of sustainable readily available supply.