Since the beginning, our company Biothek Ecologic Fuel has always strived to create a sustainable and committed bioenergy model. After several years selecting biomass species, we decided to focus on a plain yet at the same time effective cultivation concept, achieving results that will for sure mark a turning point.

Our main interest is therefore to make known to all the professionals of the bioenergy sector our knowledge and experiences learnt after several years of hard work based on R&D&T (Research, development and technologies), thereby conferring dynamism and versatility within the sector itself. From Biothek Ecologic Fuel we are aware of the great range of possibilities offered by the market and consider of vital importance to provide a fully structured and defined business model.

Biothek Ecologic Fuel was officially founded 8 years ago arising from a purely agro-industrial company with the experience of four generations in the sector. The way we work together with new concerns made Biothek Ecologic Fuel start with the firm idea of applying all the centuries-old knowledge to the 21st century industry. In the 1930’s our grandparents worked with Arundo D using the plant as building material (roofs, windbreaks, etc), work tools, household utensils and even musical instruments! This certainly helped us to take advantage and know the species better than anyone…

New times together with needs different to those of the time made for the last generation of the family to decide focusing on using the plant that their ancestors had worked and knew so well, as a source of raw material for infinite new applications. Today Biothek Ecologic Fuel unites the old and the new and makes a sound and innovative example out of it, an example that will serve as a guideline for new and successful projects​