Electricity from Arundo

Arundo is cultivated in order to provide a replacement for coal in existing coal-fired power stations and industrial boilers. Up to 20% of coal can be replaced without modifying boilers in most instances.

Alternatively, Equilibre can offer specially designed 100% bio-mass fed power plants. These state-of-art power plants use higher pressure and temperatures than traditional plants and  are therefore more efficient.

A huge advantage of Arundo is that it has a high calorific value that is close to that of coal but without the negatives associated with coal burning:

  • it has organic ash that does not pollute the environment. In fact, it can be put back on the land as a conditioner
  • because Arundo sequesters carbon during the growing process via photosynthesis it counters the greenhouse gas emissions that are creating global warming and climate change. It therefore has a net zero carbon footprint – something that is vitally important for the health of our planet and critical for governments who has signed up to the UN Paris Accord (COP 21) on climate change